Why I slosh when I walk

Fortunately, I passed my glucose tolerance test with flying colors. Bring on the sodas and the chocolate cake!

Well, ok, I’m not drinking many sodas and I’m certainly not eating chocolate cake. I’m trying to drink the 110 OUNCES of WATER EVERY DAY that the perinatologist’s office suggests. So far, I’ve not been successful. I consistently drink 64oz 5 out of 7 days. I have a giant cup at work that I fill up with water and ice first thing in the morning at work and then I refill it at lunch. So in a 9 hour work day, I’m pretty good about getting the first 64oz. It’s the remaining 46 oz that have been trouble. More often than not, I drink water (about half of a 16 oz bottle) with breakfast (which I generally eat in the car on the way to work) and dinner – which I don’t generally measure. I also generally finish the bottle of water I started at breakfast on the way home when I’m stuck in traffic. So having looked at all that, I’m probably pretty close to the 110oz.

And that’s another reason I’m not really drinking a lot of soda. I just don’t have the bandwidth for it right now. I’m drinking so much water, that when I allow myself a treat, I’m not interested in anything to drink.

Right now, the cravings aren’t too overwhelming. I still crave french fries and I still love iceberg lettuce. I like chocolate, but only when paired with caramel (Rolos – YUM!!) or in the form of Teddy Grahams.

The pelvic bone pain is pretty bad. Sitting for longer than about 20 minutes is agony. The gals at House o’Babies keeps telling me there’s nothing they can do but give me narcotics, but I don’t like that answer.

Basically, pregnancy hormones relax all the ligaments in the body – allowing the baby the space it needs and allowing the preggo’s body the space needed to ultimately give birth. These hormones also relax ligaments that are supposed to remain stable like the ligaments in the front of the pelvic bone. Your pelvic bone is designed to be stable, but especially in women, it flexes to allow the passage of the baby during birth. I’m already flexing, which makes things like climbing stairs and sitting REALLY painful. Can we underline that? REALLY REALLY super painful.

Other than my pelvic pain, I feel fine. The baby is moving a good bit more especially in the early morning and later at night. In fact, I would swear that the little monkey was playing soccer a couple of mornings ago.

Moo has been totally convinced that we’re having a girl and now I’m coming around to that too and routinely call the monkey by the name we’ve chosen.

In fact, I had the most vivid dream that the Sea Monkey was a girl. We were at the World of Disney at Downtown Disney at DisneyWorld (WDW). If you haven’t been to WOD, as it’s called by us Disney maniacs, then I’ll explain that it’s a VERY large store that contains almost everything (with the exception of park specific items) offered in any of the stores in the parks. Basically, it’s a Disney Fan’s Nirvana.

Moo, the Sea Monkey and I were at WOD. I was pushing a stroller and Sea Monkey was toddling around picking things up grinning and showing them to us. When we’d acknowledge her find, she’d giggle and move on to the next shiny object. She had blond curly hair, a bright smile, and was wearing a cute little pink dress with matching bloomers and white sandals. Neither Moo or I currently have blond hair, but Moo was a blond as a child. Moo was tailing her pretty close to make sure she didn’t get in trouble.

Now, I’m figuring this dream refers to the trip we’re taking to WDW next spring. The timing of our trip would make her 8 or 9 months old. I know, that’s early to walk. But I walked at 7 months so I’m not really concerned with the time.

It’s strange to dream of the little Monkey as grown up like that. It’s been in my brain since I dreamed it two nights ago. I can’t quite let go of it because it was SOOOO vivid. I’ve dreamt about the baby before, but I’ve never seen her face. This little face was so much like Moo.

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  1. What a lovely dream! As for the ligament pain, what about one of those giant inflatable balls that they have at gyms (are they called stability balls)? My friend uses one of those for her bad back. Anyway, something to try maybe. 🙂

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