Second Post Today – watch out for BRAIN DUMP!!

I go back to the OB/GYN tomorrow for my 20 week appointment. The last time I was in the office, they told me they wanted to go ahead and schedule me for a 1 hour gestational diabetes scan for my next visit. What I failed to do and they failed to let me know was if I needed to fast before test.

A thorough search of the Internets (you know the Internets – it’s a series of TUBES, but it’s also not a truck ) showed that in most cases fasting isn’t necessary. In fact, if I fail this one and have to take the 3 hour test, I have to eat extra snacks in addition to the nasty glucola.

I left a message for the doctor’s office on Friday asking if I needed to fast for the test tomorrow and I finally got the call back this morning.

I don’t have to fast tonight, but I also shouldn’t eat anything out of the ordinary. Meaning I shouldn’t eat a whole pizza followed by an entire chocolate cake washed down with a gallon of strawberry Quik, unless of course I always eat that way.

Steak and potatoes at Longhorn should be fine 🙂 and I informed Moo of this with great gusto. Baby likes steak.

Next Monday, I go back to the Perinatologist’s office for my 20 week ultrasound. They’ll be looking at the Sea Monkey’s organs and we should find out the sex. I’m sending out a few pregnancy announcements after we find out what we’re having.

It’s so weird. I’m not worried about gestational diabetes. I figure if I have it, we’ll deal with it. I also don’t worry about things like C sections and the pain of childbirth. I figure we’ll deal with those things when we come to them. I’ve totally convinced myself that despite all the blogs I’ve read detailing horrible pregnancies and bad birth experiences that this pregnancy will be totally normal and problem free. In fact, in comparison to Julia or Cecelia, my pregnancy is downright boring.

On the other hand, I worry about how I’ll raise our Sea Monkey. I worry about sex and violence on TV. I worry about using some of the techniques my parents used on me. I firmly reject some of my parents child rearing practices, but wholly embrace others. I worry about having a girl, because of the relationship that I had with my mom and she had with her mother and she had with her mother, etc, etc. But I worry about having a boy because I’ve never been responsible for the care and feeding of a penis (pets don’t count – I didn’t need to make sure a dog’s woo woo was pointed down when I diapered them!).

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