I am a Jerk

Just hours after posting the previous e-mail lambasting my lack of pregnancy symptoms, I felt a WHOOSH in my tummy. Afterwards, I’ve felt a few other movements including a very distinctive KICK that surprised me into silence. It’s still a little early to feel the baby move a lot, but having felt some movement makes me feel better about the pregnancy.

This is one time that I really hate being fat – I can’t really see that I’m pregnant… but I can definitely feel my uterus when lying down. It’s right under my belly button where it should be according to the books. Additionally, my weight loss has tapered off – just 20 pounds off since becoming pregnant. With the baby getting bigger and my weight not changing, I have to assume that I’m still losing weight, but the baby weight is making up for it.

Nausea is now a symptom of hunger. Or it could be that nausea is still a symptom of pregnancy, but I can relieve it by eating. Weird.

One little known pregnancy complaint – at least by me – is nasal congestion and snoring and HOO BUDDY do I have both of those. Previously, I only snored when I had a cold, however since becoming pregnant, I’ve awakened MYSELF snoring and apparently have the same decible level as a freight train. Poor Moo resorted to sleeping in our newly renovated guest room Saturday morning and last night used the ear plugs that I use when swimming. This morning, he declared that ear plugs were now the shower gift he would give expecting Dads.

My Effexor withdrawal is going well. I’ve completed tapered down to 37.5 mg and have begun to taper down further. For the last couple weeks, I’ve purposely missed one dosage each week.

I’ve read about others experience in withdrawing from Effexor and I have to say that I have experienced many of the same symptoms. The spacey feeling is probably the one I hate the most with tinnitus coming in at a close second. I’ve also had some decidedly irritable moments – pitched one little fit Saturday morning. Emotional instability is pretty common in pregnancy so I’m not sure whether the hissy fit on Saturday should be blamed on withdrawal or pregnancy.

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