Curses! Foiled Again!

So, I spent Monday morning feeling nauseous. I got to House O’Babies at 7:45 and drank the nasty orange drink at about 8:25. The phelbotomist got the first blood sample (a fasting one) right before I drank the glucola.

For the next hour, I sipped on cold water, hoping I could stave off vomiting. This worked. I then got hit by Vampira again. This time, she went for the other arm, but found that the veins were too small and rolled way too much. She tried for the top my hand and found the same problem.

In the next 5 minutes, I had 3 people searching my arms for somewhere – ANYWHERE – to hit me. The other hand looked promising, but was a little swollen. Finally, they agreed to hit my forearm. This resulted in an enormous bruise, but delivered the goods.

I waited for the next hour, wondering where they would be able to stick me next. Vampira headed straight for the other forearm since it worked so well before. The result was a fast hit and another, nastier bruise.

One more hour to go. The nausea has calmed down, but now my butt is protesting sitting so long. When we got there, I had opted for one of the couches, hoping that I could sit in different positions to help my butt. This was mostly successful.

Last stick, she went for the swollen hand, which wasn’t too swollen. SUCCESS!! Now I can eat!

After a quick lunch, we headed for the perinatologist’s office. Instead of the warm, lively sonographer, we got the person with the personality of a paper bag. This was supposed to be the big ultrasound, the one where we see the baby’s heart and innards in detail and also get to find out the sex. Well, Paperbag Gal didn’t see the heart, didn’t see the innards she needed to see and wasn’t able to determine the sex. She didn’t have me change positions or empty my bladder as has been successful in the past for making baby move enough to see. Instead, we go back in April for another try.

I can’t say that I’m not disappointed that we still don’t know the sex. For one thing, it totally screws up my plans. I had planned on sending out the cutest little card saying something like “We’re about to be joined by a baby (STATE THE SEX HERE) in July!” Additionally, I was hoping to be able to get started with the baby’s scrapbook.

Moo says I focus too much on stereotypical pink and blue schemes and he’s probably partly right. But I feel like I can use more floral patterns with a girl’s page than a boys. A lot of patterns – the bold geometric ones I like a lot – go either way. I’m not afraid of using blue on a girl’s page, but I feel funny using pink on a boy’s page.

I should find out the results of my tests today. Moo says no news is good news, but I still want to know the results.

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