5 month appointment

Had a great appointment yesterday.

The OB/GYN practice that I go to has 9 doctors and 12 midwives. Midwives deliver about 90% of their babies so the practice encourages patients to meet as many of the midwives as possible before delivery day. So far, I’ve met 5 of the midwives and only 1 of them has been able to get a fetal heart beat with a doppler.

Now to be honest, I met the first few when I first became pregnant and the heart beat was either not loud enough to be found with a doppler or it wasjust too early. However, at 5 months, I thought that the midwife would have no problem finding it yesterday. Especially since there was no problem finding it last month!

At any rate, because the midwife couldn’t find the heartbeat, I got a quick ultrasound. Heartbeat is great – chugging away at 148 beats per minute and the gender is still undetermined because the baby had the cord between it’s legs.

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