Belly bands and Gas

Went back to the doctor today. I’ve been experiencing some strange stomach pains over the last day. It only happens when I straighten up from a bent over or slouched position. This produces a quick stabbing pain right around my navel.

April, the midwife I saw this morning, briefly examined me, mashing around on my belly and asked me questions. After discussion, she said that because the pain has stopped and because it’s so high that she believes that it’s either the muscles and ligaments beginning to be displaced by the baby or gas. She swept me into the ultrasound lab for a quick check on the baby’s heartbeat (154 BPM) and a quick look at everything (I got a couple of new pix but nothing as good as the last pic). After this confirmation, she seemed to feel that we needn’t worry about this, but advised me to take it easy (“slow and easy movements”) and let me know that my uterus is beginning to pop out of the pubic bone. She also suggested I look into getting a belly support band.

Other than feeling a bit sore this morning, I feel pretty good. I’m still having some nausea, but I haven’t vomited for a while. I’m getting used to drinking 2 quarts of water every day as advised by the last midwife. I don’t feel like I’m sloshing when I walk like it did in the beginning.

I am QUITE gassy so the thought that the pain I was feeling is gas is pretty funny. At least once a day, during my 5,000 daily visits to the bathroom, I get the walking farts. You know, where you take a step and fart, take a step and fart, etc. I feel like I’m jet propelled on these visits.

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