Where I am.

I started tapering off the Effexor on Sunday.

I have to say that I didn’t feel any side effects at all that day. Generally, if I miss a dose, I get really jittery and my lips go numb and I hear a lot of white noise in my head. But I didn’t feel any of these side effects on Sunday.

I am under a doctor’s care during this tapering down. I called my medical doctor and told him that I’d been advised to taper off by the midwife at the OB/GYN. I was told to start off with a half dose (I currently take 75mg) every 4-5 days for a week or two and then decrease the days in between from there.

On another note, I have an appointment on January 8 with a perinatologist for the nuchal translucency test. This test will determine if the baby has any indication of down’s syndrome or other chromosomal problems. The cool part of this is that it will be the first look we have at the bean! I’ll be right at 12 weeks then, so we still probably won’t know the sex.

I also found out the results of the bloodwork from last week. My HCG was 12,472 and the progesterone was 13.6 – both within the guidelines of a good pregnancy at this point.

As for how I’m feeling – sigh… I’m exhausted. I fall asleep at my desk at least twice a day. I sleep first thing when I get to work for about 20 minutes and then take a 40-50 minute nap at lunch. I can’t stand peppermint and I’m craving iceberg lettuce.

I’m experiencing some morning sickness, but it’s more like a mild river of nausea flowing through my world. Basically, I’m nauseated all the time. I can nibble on something and it stops, but within a half hour to hour, it’s back. I have to eat something within 20-30 minutes of waking or I am sick as a dog all day.

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