It’s Official!

Went to the doctor yesterday and now it’s official!

I’m 6-1/2 weeks pregnant and have a due date of July27, 2008.

I’m considered to be of Advanced Maternal Age – didn’t feel old til they said that! – so this will be one of the most monitored babies ever!

I met with a midwife named Michael. No physical examination this time – just a pregnancy urine test and a blood test to check my progesterone levels. Since I’m old and high risk, I’ll be having some additional testing to be sure that the baby is ok. The first tests will be during the 12-14 week period. I’m being referred to a perionatologist to conduct these tests. Hopefully, I can avoid an amniocentis by having these non-invasive tests.

They don’t want me to gain more than 9-12 pounds. My mom – who was large when she was pregnant with me – actually lost nearly 50 pounds and I was a normal sized baby. Michael said as long as the baby is growing the way it needs to, then weight loss is ok.

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