Houston, we have a problem

Moo has diabetes. He found out last week. I am in shock. Yes, I know that he’s overweight. But he doesn’t have the family history I have. I’ve had a grandfather, both grandmothers, uncles on both sides and a dad all with serious diabetes. Diabetes took out my maternal grandmother and my dad. Well more specifically, dialysis as a result of kidney failure that was a result of diabetes. Neither of their hearts – grandmother’s was weakened due to diabetes and numerous heart attacks, dad due to a problem that he’d probably had since birth – could take the strain of dialysis. Further more, dialysis isn’t as effective for diabetics so they often have to undergo longer, more frequent treatments.

Moo is being incredibly accepting of the whole thing. He’s jumped into learning more about the disease, testing his blood, questioning the food he puts into his mouth, etc. I have to say I’m incredibly proud of him. If I got home tonight and he was on the couch in a fetal position, I’d still be proud of him. Of course, I, in typical bitchy behaviour, told him that if he didn’t take care of himself that I’d leave him. I gave him permission to do the same to me.

It’s not that I’m not sympathetic. I mean, I always thought it would be ME in this position. Not Moo. And having the type of experience with DM (diabetes mellitus) that I do, I’m well aware of the implications. But being Moo’s biggest fan gives me certain permission to kick his ass on occasion. I won’t let him feel sorry for himself. In the words of the Secret – diabetes is a result of who you were, not of who you will be. Additionally, in kicking his ass, I kick my own. I can’t very well bitch at him for not taking care of himself if I don’t try to make the same changes.

At the same time that Moo got this bit of news, he also got the news that his testosterone is low. This is an additional factor in why we aren’t pregnant. Moo is being put on a testosterone patch, a med for high triglycerides (often the smoke before the fire) and glucophage. He’s also testing his blood 4x at day for the next month.

As for me, I think that the glucophage is working. I’ve ramped up on two pills really well, but keeping forgetting the evening pill. Much of the tummy trouble has passed with my only going a couple times a day now. Now this is still a lot to me – I’m used to going 3-4 times a WEEK.

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