Harry FARKING Potter … SOB!!!

Hopefully by now, everyone’s read the last HP book. If not…


I have to say that I’ve enjoyed the HP series. I started reading them at about book three (Prisoner of Azkaban). I originally read it out of spite. I thought all the adults getting all wiggy over a kid’s book was ridiculous. And then I read book one (Sorcerer’s Stone – Philospher’s Stone for the Brits), and I got all wiggy over a kid’s book. I quickly ran thru books 2 and 3 and was ready when book 4 made it’s debut with all the other folks at the bookstore.

The seventh book takes us back to Privet Drive and a more mature infinitely more jaded Harry. The Durseley’s are as bad as ever, but Dudley definitely shocks you with his separation anxiety as well as his willingness to let the Wizarding world protect him. It’s as though he’s becoming a bit more openminded.

The loss of Moody wasn’t altogether unexpected. It seemed apparant to me early on that most of the “Old Guard” must be removed to enable Harry to meet Voldemort. Someone is almost always there to help rescue Harry in every other book. I felt that Harry had to face this final challenge on his own.

The death of Hedwig was devastating to me. I love animals and I bawled for a solid 30 minutes after I read this. I put the book down and told my DH that this was “a terrible book and I don’t want to read any more of it!” after reading about Hedwig. However, I decided to move on after that.

I somehow knew that Fleur and Bill’s wedding wouldn’t go unnoticed by the Deatheaters – this wasn’t all that shocking.

What was shocking was the boring, dragging, everlasting, camping trip that came after. Good grief, I feel like JK Rowling could have stripped out at least 100 pages of this drivel. What a boring section.

I won’t tell you how the book ends in the event you aren’t finished. I’m fairly satisfied however with the ending. Everything wraps up well enough that I don’t have too many lingering questions.

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