Why I hate my job

I work for a major HR outsourcing company. I work in technical support where I help customers make their software and their processes (primarily payroll processes) work like they should. I am very good and my job and in the few months since I’ve been with this company, I’ve been a real success. I have clients singing my praises. I’ve received a number of good reviews from my superiors and I even got a bonus recently. Despite all that, I hate my job.

You would think that with this success, I’d really be enjoying it. I mean, who doesn’t thrive on success and praise? The problem is that no matter how hard I work at succeeding, I don’t feel like I matter to the success of the company.

The group I’m in is the worst performing as far as revenues go. We’ve got crappy furniture (the rest of the building has been refurbished and has new furniture).We’re the last to get any recognition. And our new president has threatened to outsource us to India.

When I’m out of work for a day, whether planned or not, I don’t feel like I’m missed. I just don’t feel like I matter there.

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