What I want

So if I don’t want to be cubicle fodder, what do I want?

As part of my Secret homework, I’ve been putting off this exercise.

Why? Because I’m afraid that if I voice it, it won’t happen or that it will.

This is painful. I’ve spent the last few months working on convincing myself that I have the power to make these kinds of decisions instead of having things happen to me. But that is painful. Knowing that I had a choice instead of being a victim of circumstance is a very powerful thing.

So what do I want?

  1. I want to be happy.
  2. I want to have a loving and caring mate in life.
  3. I want children.
  4. I want a comfortable home with plenty of space for entertaining but cozy enough for an afternoon with a book and a beverage.
  5. I want to work for myself. I want to determine my own career destiny. I want to open my own scrapbooking store and have time to show others how much fun scrapping is.
  6. I want enough money to what we want, when we want. I want to have enough money to give away. I want enough money to start a trust fund for hospice patients who don’t have medical insurance, but aren’t poor enough to qualify for Medicare/Medicaid/public assistance.
  7. I want to be healthy and thin. I want to hike up Stone Mountain without feeling like I’m gonna die. I want to be able to shop at any store I like.
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